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Introduction :

Angel Public School, the name which has become a paragon in the field of education was founded in 1996 under the nobel motto of “Vidya Ddati Vinayam”. The school has never looked back since its foundation and today stands tall, an imposing complex of two stories built over an area of 5 acres in the heart of the town with a spacious and well ventilated structure.
Classrooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, innovative as well as sophisticated audio-visual aids, Science-Mathematics and Broadband equipped Computer Lab to bring out effective result oriented teaching and learning.The school is under complete CCTV Audio Video Surveillance.
The school has a large newly built auditorium with large stage and audio-video fittings that provide students a much needed platform for extracurricular activities.
The school has an air-conditioned Pre-Nursery Classroom with air cooled toy rooms.

The School Moto :

Mark Twain once said that he never let his schooling interfere with his education.

Because education that does not go beyond books and numbers is just schooling.

This is why we at Angel Public School, Nohar believe in opening minds, not just opening books.

We, at Angel, wish to develop in the child freedom of thought and self- expression and bring to him/her a sense  of nobility. We believe, such a sense of nobility is possible only through education. Hence, our motto is:
and to achieve this motto we believe in the complete development of the: