Angel Public School


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Experience teaches us that the learning process thrives in an emotionally and physically safe environment.

Student has the right to an education that is meaningful to them, with individualized inputs into their course of studies. Teachers are facilitators and guides in the learning process, helping students to overcome their difficulties.

Parental support and encouragement, too is in imperative for the success of a student.

Our Mission

To provide quality education that will help students to overcome their learning difficulties and develop well-balanced personalities, motivated by a value system of love, kindness, caring and devotion.

A mission we can only achieve with the efforts of our well qualified experiences and dedicated teaching staff, the hard work of our students and the co-operation of their parents.

Our Objectives

  • To make students confident, independent competent and self-directed learners.
  • To help in the student’s cognitive development and mastery of the curriculum, guiding them in the learning process.
  • To help students acquire process skills (decision making, problem solving and critical & rational thinking).
  • To encourage student to explore their potential and work hard in that direction to bring out their best.
  • To inculcate social awareness like kindness, caring, helping others, sharing concern for others.

And above all – to imbibe in the students the unshakeable foundation of our traditional value system, culture, heritage and history, and help build on this personality of India’s  future leaders and model citizens of the world.

Our Perspective

Angel Public School is built on sprawling on a sprawling campus with open playgrounds, swings, with

  • Well-equipped Science, Computer, Mathematics and Social Science labs.
  • Update library.
  • Audio-Visual aids, and
  • All the modern facilities that enrich the learning experience.

The ultimate aim is to offer students that extra edge they need, through special educators and academicians.

What’s more, Alternative Assessment Procedures are involved self-esteem. Students are involved in independent/ small groups activities, which help in developing.

  • Self-motivation,
  • strong work ethics,
  • team spirit and
  • individual responsibility

Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the learning process. allowing children to participate in various activities like.

  • art & craft
  • drama
  • yoga
  • dance
  • music
  • martial arts like taekwondo, karate
  • sports
  • athletics

A Unique Methodology

  • Teacher student ratio is 1:18.
  • Each student is treated with individual care and attention.
  • The methodology in interactive, child centered and activity-based.
  • Student are encouraged to learn by doing. They learn to think and apply their knowledge.
  • Every student’s individual profile is maintained, highlighting his/her achievements in academics and other area.

Value Education

To imbibe higher social values among students, values education is an important part of the curriculum.

Because at APS, Nohar we believe that value education is the basic need of the hour.

Through motivational programs during the morning assembly, and class room activities and projects, every effort is made to develop good citizens and complete human beings – thinkers, doers and makers.

The concept of oneness of life and international understanding is emphasized through the respective subjects taught in the school, while yoga classes help to manage stress.