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Every moment does and it should bring a change. The only thing we must ensure that the change is positive and productive.

Welcome to the new session!

A new session brings in a new set of responsibilities on each of us. With the experience gained in the recent past, we plan for the near future.

Schooling is a journey like that of a train. It starts from the origin of class Nursery. Passengers (children) take some time to adjust with the pace of train (school), they keep on journeying, with a trust in the engine driver and on-board staff (their teachers) that they will take the passengers to the destination safely, after an enjoyable time spent on-board. During this journey children make new friends….while some leave them too.

Students enjoy their journey at school with productive work that they learn during their stay. At Angel Public School we design the curriculum in such a way that the child enjoys every moment of his stay in the school and learns to become a good citizen. The school sustains efforts for upgrading standards. We strongly believe in and work in an educational system that focuses on empowering students with appropriate life skills coupled with a sound knowledge domain pertaining to the globalised world. The rigorous academic programmes, wide array of sporting and non-sporting options provide ample opportunity for students to acquire life skills and become lifelong learners. In today’s world, strength is defined as the possession of knowledge, expression and technology. We understand that performance and learning are two different aspects. We strive to reduce the gap between the two.

I am personally thankful to all the parents for their trust in the school, its system and the staff. I acknowledge their constant and continuous support. The school actively encourages the strong link with parents.

Best wishes for an enjoyable and productive year ahead!


Mahender Singh Bhati
Angel Public School